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A lot of people who come across Magento immediately realize that the Community option is free. Yay! They think. A free ecommerce software, this is going to be easy and fantastic. Of course, that is all definitely true. But many more people choose to buy the paid version, Enterprise, because of the many perks that […]
While this entire website is catered to the idea that Magento is the best software out there, we can’t deny that it’s just not for everyone. Sometimes, Magento is a little too complex for people looking for a simple online shop, and sometimes Magento is a little too powerful for what you need. When you’re […]
Many people stray away from Magento because they believe it is too complicated for their basic online business. For some people, that may be true. If you struggle with posting on someone’s Facebook wall properly, then coding an ecommerce software may be a bit beyond your depth. However, if you’re really set on an adapatable […]
 As you probably know by now, there are dozens of ecommerce platforms that allow you to build an online shop for your website. And as you’re probably also aware, each website believes they are the best option for whatever specific reason. After a lot of shopping around, you’re probably wondering which way to go, and […]
 Magento is one of the leaders in ecommerce software, but it is not without its competitors. Sites like WordPress, Shopify, and Weebly all have their own ecommerce platforms. A lot of times, website owners prefer to use the company that already contains their website, which often means that WordPress or the others just get the […]
Setting up an ecommerce store when you know next to nothing about software or coding can be incredibly difficult. Thankfully, there are companies like Magento that provide user-friendly software that can be easily implemented to create an easy-to-use online storefront for your customers. Don’t spend hours playing with it; use these steps to set up […]
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Do you have your website all set up and ready to launch? Are you hoping to add a shopping or retail portion to your website? That means that you need software that allows users to “Add to Cart,” check out, and provide calculations of totals, shipping, discounts, etc. all without concerns for security. Magento, one […]
Setting up an online store is equal parts exciting and overwhelming. For one, you probably don’t much about what you’re dong, so you have to take time to learn about website design and development. For another, there are so many platforms that seem capable of helping you get where you want to go. If you’re […]